Chief Awareness Officer

Like it or not, believe in it or not, educated and vigilant employees are central to the success or failure of your security.

Workplace SmallOr to put it more bluntly, your next security breach is probably already on your payroll. That’s why every organization needs a Chief Awareness Officer. Think of it as a Chief Inspiration Officer, because security awareness will always fail if your employees are not inspired to truly care about the protection of their workplace and customers.

Your Chief Awareness Officer brings you one of the most experienced people security experts on the planet, and one of the first to recognize the importance of “the Human Perimeter” is defending the workplace.




  • We'll determine how suitable it is for your organization and your security goals.
  • We’ll evaluate it for effectiveness, and help determine how successful it has been at changing root user behavior.
  • We’ll look for gaps and weaknesses (and there are plenty of them) that your awareness program doesn’t cover.
  • We’ll make sure you’re getting value for money and not simply wasting budget just to check a box.
  • We’ll make sure it covers your legal and regulatory exposure, as much as possible (which means one course, for one hour, once a year won’t make the cut.)




  • We’ll start by evaluating where you’re vulnerable and why, and without trying to squeeze you into a one-size-fits-all.
  • We’ll build a program that matches those answers, whether it’s finding the right external vendor, managing it all in-house, or a blend of both.
  • We’ll focus on inspiration, because that’s the most crucial first step in any awareness program.
  • We’ll constantly monitor, tweak, and update it to make sure it matches current needs and threats.
  • We’ll tailor it to make sure the right employees are getting the right type of training and in just the right doses.




  • Customized and personalized video webinars, for large or small audiences, live and on-demand, tailored to employee roles and vulnerabilities, and with complete interaction and Q&A.
  • Just-in-time webinars to address newly emerged threats, challenges, breaches, or regulations.
  • Tailored briefings for the C-Suite gang, to make sure they’re making the right decisions, they’re up-to-date on the latest threats and regulations, and that they’re not the click happy fingers causing most of the headaches for IT and security.
  • Phish testing and conventional testing to determine who’s getting the message and who’s not, and how the program needs to be readjusted to fix human failures.
  • Specialized training and support for internal security champions who can help keep the relentless vigilance message alive and kicking throughout your organization.
  • Chief Privacy Officer – if your organization falls under the upcoming GDPR rules and you’re required to have a Chief Privacy Officer, we can manage that role.


Security Awareness As An Employee Benefit?


What better way to engage and inspire your employees to "Think Security First!" than by offering them personal access to a world-class personal security and identity theft expert, available around the clock to advise them and their families on personal cyber and identity threats, and help them respond and recover if they ever fall victim.

And in light of recent and massive data breaches, there's a very good chance that most of your employees and family members will at some point fall victim to identity theft. So protect them now.