Employee Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training, Done Right

Pick any data breach, large or small, over the last decade, and the one thing most of them will have in common is an employee who clicked on something they shouldn’t have.

EmployeeAwarenessEmployee mistakes and poor choices are the leading cause of security exposures and breaches, and one of the few remedies is security awareness training. But in order for awareness (i.e. vigilance) to actually work, it has to be relentless and immersive and not annually but daily.

In other words, if you want to keep the bad guys away from your data and your clients, you have to start turning your employees from vulnerabilities into sentries.

Privide offers all our clients always-on security awareness training – a mixture of customized and bespoke training just for your firm, supplemented by regular phish testing, and monthly, weekly, or even daily email reminders.

And not canned, one-size-for-all but training that's unique to the needs and schedules of wealth managers.

The goal is to find ways to remind employees about their security obligations the second before they click on something, and not the second after.


Our training covers topics like:

  • How to recognize and avoid phishing emails
  • Understanding malware and how to avoid it
  • Understanding the threat of ransomware
  • Good password practices
  • Mobile security
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Security out of the office
  • Hacker tactics and how to spot a threat
  • The relationship between security and privacy
  • How to talk to your clients about personal security
  • How to help your clients avoid identity theft
  • Tools that can make security and privacy easier


Your employees will be taught by Neal O’Farrell, founder of Privide, and lessons can be delivered as live or on-demand (pre-recorded) webinars or live in person. Neal was one of the early pioneers and advocates for the role of employees in security. More than a decade ago he started creating employee security awareness courses for firms like Cost Plus World Market and bebe Stores, and as a writer for SearchSecurity.com in 2000 was one of the experts to identify the "human perimeter" as one of the biggest security challenges.

Neal was one of the first Directors of Education ever appointed by a security company (ZoneAlarm, now part of Check Point), in 2000. He was a co-founder of the Center for Information Security Awareness, a partnership with FBI/InfraGard to provide free employee security awareness training for individuals and small businesses. Neal created the entire course, test, and certification, and that course has since been accessed by thousands of organizations. In 2002 he launched Hackademia, one of the first companies to offer cybersecurity courses online. Hackademia is now part of the University of Washington.

A passionate educator, Neal currently heads Schooled In Security, a non-profit Silicon Valley initiative to bring cybersecurity education to every high school and encourage students to pursue careers in cybersecurity. He’s also a member of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) K12 Committee, and a member of their national conference committee. Read Neal's full bio here.