Think Security First! is one of the best consumer security and identity protection guides currently available, and written by one of the most experienced, trusted, and compelling global experts.

Use the electronic edition to thank your customers and members, reward your employees, engage new customers, protect your community, and showcase your brand.

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Meet The Author

He's one of the longest-serving security and privacy experts on the planet, and now he's all yours.
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Foster Warriors

Learn how we want the cybersecurity industry to change the future for foster youth.
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Need a speaker? Neal has entertained and educated all kinds of audiences across the country, from keynoting in Las Vegas to the headquarters of Facebook, on the complex relationships between security, identity, privacy and trust.

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PHILANTHROPY When We Say "Next Generation" Security, this is what we mean

Neal O'Farrell, author of Think Security First!, also leads a non-profit effort to give kids in foster career a real chance at a great career in cybersecurity. And in doing so, perhaps forever remove the stigma of the word foster. 

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TRAINING Data Ethics and data breaches

According to Cognizant’s global study on the Business Value of Trust, for businesses to win the new battleground for customer trust they must focus on data ethics. And more than that, data ethics should not only be part of onboarding new employees but it should also be a company-wide training program to help weather the inevitable data breach or privacy failure. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR UNIQUE NEW PROGRAM TO HELP YOUR EMPLOYEES UNDERSTAND THE VAUE OF DATA ETHICS AS BOTH A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND A SECURITY TOOL.


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