5 good reasons you should be video blogging
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I’ve written more than a thousand blogs, blogged for more than a dozen security companies, turned some of my biggest news stories into punchy captivating blogs, and still left with that empty and unfulfilled feeling and a lingering question – why am I even bothering?

You probably feel the same way about your blog investments.

I mean, it’s a conundrum. You can tell exactly how little your blogs are doing to achieve their intended purpose. They’re getting very few views, if any, and most of those views are “known friendlies”.

There’s little engagement or traffic, and no sharing, and ultimately your years of blogging have probably contributed very little value to your overall content and messaging goals.

And yet you still do it. And maybe mainly because everyone else does and you’ll look a little odd if you don’t.

And you don’t want to look odd. You really want to look really, really good.

And that’s why you should be focusing on video blogs.


So Why Video?

1. It Humanizes Your Company, Your Team, And Your Story, And People Just Love That.

Security is fundamentally about people. Even if what you’re selling isn’t. The attackers are real people. The targets they tend to like most, employees, are real people. And the decisions about how to stop those two parties from ever connecting are real people.

And the ultimate victims of successful attacks, usually customers and consumers, are very, very real people. So if you have an important story to tell and share, tell it through real people and not dead copy.

2. It’s All About Storytelling

A 5-minute video blog is no different to a 500,000 word novel. OK except that it doesn’t take as long to produce. But the principles are the same. It’s about telling a story; a beginning, a middle, an end, a good hook, and the ultimate feeling that it was all worth it in the end. And maybe even worth sharing.

3. People Just Love Watching Video

Hands down, humans respond to and prefer visual stimulation, information, and education over any other medium. Which probably explains why more than three quarters of all Internet traffic today is video.

4. Everyone Else Is Doing It

It’s the same reason you’ve been blogging, maybe even for years, and in spite of knowing your blogging is having very little effect in engaging any audience.

At least with video as content the odds are firmly in your favor. But if everyone else, or at least your main competitors, are still doing it the old text way, supercharging your video blogging is a mighty step forward.

5. SEO Loves Video Too

Most Google searches are video, video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from SERPs (Wordstream, 2018), and video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text (Omnicore, 2018). If stats are your thing, we have more here.

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