Mental Wellness
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Mental illness impacts 1 in every 5 Americans and can be crippling for many. It doesn’t just impact its victims and their families, it also impacts the workplace.


Mental illness costs businesses in the US more than $200 billion annually, and more than $1 trillion globally, and is now the #1 cause of workplace disability.

My name is Neal O’Farrell. I was part of the first generation of cybersecurity entrepreneurs, and have spent nearly four decades working for governments, Fortune 500 companies, and startups and earning a handful of awards and accolades along the way. My pioneering work in the field of speech encryption brought me into conflict with the NSA, and in a world of secret keeping, I had a few of my own.

Ever since I was a teenager I’ve struggled with a crippling trifecta of mental diseases – Social Affective Disorder (part of the social anxiety family), ADHD, and chronic depression.


One thing I’ve come to realize is that a big, possibly very big part of the cure for an illness that impacts almost every workplace is the workplace itself. I created this site to share the lessons I’ve learned from living and working with mental illness for four decades. Learn more.


The Impact of Mental Illness on the Workplace.

Spotting the Warning Signs.

Understanding the Different Types of Mental Illness.

A Primer on Depression and Anxiety.

Building a workplace mental wellness program.