The Content Conundrum
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It's the content conundrum.

  • You already know how important good content is as part of your marketing strategy.

  • You probably also know that when it comes to effective and engaging content, video reigns supreme. And supremely expensive!

  • And you’ve probably invested in some great non-video content and stories over the years, content that’s now languishing in the vaults and probably never enjoyed more than a handful of views anyway.

How about changing all that?

  • Supercharge your blogging with captivating video blogs, produced in a professional studio, and hosted by a recognized expert.

  • Turn all your old content into fresh new videos.

  • Turn that all that new video content into a branded platform that will help engage and incite your audience like never before.

And all within your budget. Click here to see a sample of what we’re talking about, and meet the expert who can make that happen.

Still not convinced about the value of video and the trend in content repurposing? Learn more about both.

AND REMEMBER! When you turn older content liks posts, blogs and articles into new video, it's considered new content. So not only will you not fall afoul of the search engines, search engines prefer video over other content by a factor of 50:1.