The Get Well @Work Webinar
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Neal O’Farrell, the founder of the Get Well @Work initiative, is now offering a comprehensive 60 or 90-minute webinar that will help all your employees understand the impact of mental illness on victims and their families, and on their co-workers and their workplace.


The webinar will offer real and simple strategies for creating a culture of employee mental wellness, with little or no investment other than time and compassion. An effective employee mental wellness program can improve the lives of your employees, improve workplace productivity and harmony, and reduce costs and will begin to pay for itself instantly.


The webinar is available in either a 60 or 90-minute format and addresses the following topics:

  • Understanding the various types of mental illnesses and their impact on victims and their families.
  • The impact of employee mental illness on co-workers, the workplace, and the bottom line.
  • How to spot mental illness signs in your co-workers and how to address them.
  • Things you should never say to someone suffering from mental illness.
  • The benefits of mental wellness to the workplace and to customers.
  • Simple steps to building a comprehensive employee mental wellness program at little cost.


Additional Features
  • Branded and customized just for your organization and workforce.
  • Available on-demand with no restrictions or limitations on the number of employees who access the webinar, the number of times they access it, or the time of day they access it.
  • Affordable pricing, based on either a simple, flat, once-off fee, or pay-as-you-go.
  • Documentation and downloads to help you get started on developing your own mental wellness program.



Contact Neal O’Farrell at (925) 914 0248 (EST) to discuss the benefits and options of this affordable program.