The Trust Factor
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Does Your Business Even Have A Trust Strategy?

Warren Buffet believes that trust is the lifeblood of any business. Google concluded after a 2-year experiment that the key to success of any team is trust. Economists not only believe that trust is any organization’s #1 competitive advantage, but that high trust makes a business more profitable (the Trust Dividend), and low trust hurts the bottom line (the Trust Tax).

And according to Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce “We are in a new world… and trust better be number one.”

And yet most organizations have no Trust Strategy. Is it time to start introducing your employees to the Power of Trust?


In God Oxy We Trust

Scientists now believe that the Holy Grail of Trust might also be the secret key ingredient to the success of any business, brand, or career.

    Scientists also agree that the entire universe of Trust might actually come down to a simple chemical in the brain, known as "oxytocin," and that an understanding of this chemical process can help you harness trust for every goal.

    Oxytocin is one of the major “happiness” chemicals of the brain, the other primary and perhaps better-known cousins being dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

    But oxytocin may be the most exceptional, what scientists describe as "the chemical of social glue" and the main reason humans form communities and social networks, engage and cooperate with other humans, and make business possible.




  • Why consumers consistently rank trust as the most important element in their decision to do business with you.
  • Why trust is the social glue essential for any business, community, or relationship.
  • Why achieving trust is far more complex than simply “being honest.”
  • How trust is collapsing in America and why that could be an opportunity.
  • How research shows that a trusting workforce and workplace are a win for your bottom line.
  • How to turn fears over things like data breaches and privacy into trust-building opportunities.
  • Understanding trustenomics, the trust dividend, and the trust tax.
  • How to recalibrate social media to reignite trust.
  • Why scientists believe that trust may all come down to a simple brain chemical called oxytocin.
  • How that chemical reaction can be harnessed to make an organization more successful, to turn customers into evangelists, and to build a better personal reputation.
  • How trust can be used to improve leadership and management, brand and reputationworkplace harmony and performance, marketing and sales optimization, customer acquisition and retention, employee hiring and retention, and even personal and career development.


Presentation runtime is approximately 60-90 minutes. Looking to teach your employees about the power of trust, and how to build an actionable trust strategy? Check out our workplace training program.



Neal O’Farrell probably understands trust more than any other expert. He’s spent nearly 4 decades in “the trust business,” as one of the first generation of cybersecurity and privacy experts. He has seen first-hand the breakdown in trust between businesses and consumers, and much of it triggered by things like data breaches and privacy betrayals.

Neal has also had a longtime fascination with the neuroscience of trust, the brain chemistry that manages trust, and the opportunity to turn fear, worry, and mistrust into business strength and customer loyalty. Meet him.


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Just some of the audience responses at a recent presentation for the Silicon Valley Business Travel Association in Palo Alto California, May 2019.