Identity Theft 1.4 Million Victims Monthly
Robofraud $9 Billion Annually

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Opinion Are Robocalls The New Frontier in Fraud?

Consumers receive around 98 million robocalls every single day, according to the Federal Trade Commission. More than half are fraudulent, and that fraud costs consumers nearly $10 billion annually. Could robocalls soon eclipse identity theft as the new frontier in fraud?

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"Double Trouble - Protecting Your Identity in an Age of Cybercrime?"

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Documentary Face To Face With The Thieves

My ongoing series of interviews with some of the nation's most notorious (and reformed) fraudsters, hackers, and con artists. Check out my first documentary "In the Company of Thieves" and meet one lifelong identity thief who had national security clearance, and another I interviewed while she still had a contract on her life placed by a notorious motorcycle gang.


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